We offer a beautiful space you can come together with professionals who share similar values and working styles. Our members combine experience & knowledge, offer advice and interact for the best possible business outcome.

About Intersect

To intersect (verb):

to have one or more points in common 

Intersect offers innovative corporate coworking spaces and a network of business people who share similar values and working styles. Our members work both collaboratively and independently, sometimes joining resources to offer a whole-business solution to their clients.

Founded by established Adelaide business people, John Hood and Kathy Carruthers, Intersect was born of their friendship and shared vision for a fun, forward-thinking and flexible work environment. Their ambition was to work alongside other passionate, energetic and like-minded individuals and build a natural referral network, with liberal dashes of advice, mentoring and support.

Intersect is an exciting and new corporate concept where individuals and businesses converge. It provides a support network for members and a referral network across members’ clients.

Benefits of Membership

The Intersect network of highly respected business people spans a huge range of professional services across most industries.  You can still work independently, but you can enjoy working within a stylish physical environment offering an innovative and responsive place to work.

Sharing physical space allows Intersect members to have access to each other’s skills along with ad-hoc advice, mentoring and support, through a natural and unpressured referral network. Clients benefit from a broader and deeper range of business services.

What Intersect provides:
  • Contemporary business space and facilities
  • Networking and advice from highly respected experts in their fields
  • Joint marketing and communications
  • Invitations to events
  • Access to corporate benefits
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