Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Entry..

The Member agrees to comply with the following conditions of entry in respect of its access and use of the Premises during the Membership Period.


Intersect means Intersect Group Pty Ltd atf Intersect Group Unit Trust ABN 37 895 969 914;

Member means the person/s named in the Offer Letter and includes its officers, employees, contractors, agents, guests and invitees of the Member; and

Premises means the premises located at 167 Flinders Street Adelaide SA 5000


Members using fingerprint or swipe card access to access the Premises during after-hours periods (i.e. before 8.30 am and after 5 pm Monday to 5 pm Friday, and on weekends or public holidays) have the responsibility to ensure that the security of the Premises and the safety of its officers, employees, contractors, agents, guests and invitees of the Member are maintained.

In particular, the following conditions of use must be accepted by the Member wishing to access and occupy the Premises after hours:

• Entrance and egress of the Premises must only be by fingerprint or swipe-card access. Under no circumstances are windows or doors to be propped open to allow access by any persons, authorised or unauthorised access;

• Members must always stay onsite with their guests after hours; under no circumstances can a non-member remain on the premises after hours

• Members are to ensure that the door locks securely after them each time they pass through it;

• Members must not allow access cards or keys to be given to any other person at any time without Intersect’s consent;

• Members remain liable for any loss or damages to the Premises, or its contents caused by the Member and the Member acknowledges that it accepts responsibility and liability on its behalf for any loss or damage to the Premises or its contents caused by a guest or invitee of the Member;

• Intersect does not hold a liquor licence in respect of the Premises. The Member must not do, cause or permit to be done any act or thing which is or may cause a breach of the Liquor Licensing Act 1997 (SA) as a result of Intersect not holding a licence

• At the end of the Membership Period or earlier termination of the Membership Agreement, the Member must no longer attempt to access or use the Premises.

• Intersect accepts no responsibility for any mail or parcels signed for by its employees

The Members must comply with the additional terms and conditions to use the meeting rooms of the Premises:

• book the meeting room in advance using the online booking service;

• please DO NOT enter other members meetings under any circumstances, please see our concierge for assistance

• if holding a meeting after hours please leave the meeting room free of cups, rubbish etc. as another meeting may be booked after

• do not re-arrange or remove meeting room furniture without prior approval of an Intersect staff

• ensure that the Member is present at any meeting booked in a meeting room and must not book the meeting room for a third party unless with the prior approval of Intersect;

• give Intersect as much notice as possible if a booking is cancelled;

• if we do not receive more than 24 hours’ notice for cancelling a meeting with catering the full fee will still be charged back to you

• ensure that the meeting complies as close as possible with the allotted booking time. If the Member and its guests fail to attend the meeting within 15 minutes of the booking, the Member will relinquish the meeting room booking.


I confirm that I will, at all times, comply with the following requirements:

• On leaving the Premises, I will ensure that it is secure, that the windows and doors are locked, the alarm armed and that all power, water, and lights are switched off;

• I will leave the Premises tidy and in good order;

• I will take responsibility for repair or replacement of any aspect of the Premises or its equipment that I damage, excluding the wear and tear of normal usage; and

• I will observe and adhere to all Intersect’s conditions of use detailed above.